Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roundtop, Texas - My Pretties

Ahhhh, so it's been weeks since I blogged - first it was a trip to San Diego, then SXSW, then the Zilker Garden Festival, and then a trip to Round Top - all these things I meant to blog about, but was so busy participating in, that I couldn't bring myself to sit down and type anything. I hope I will backtrack to cover somethings I really wanted to share...

For now, just a simple photoblog of items I LOVED at Roundtop. I bought lots of vintage linens, buttons, a few pottery pieces and a few kitchen pieces. Ohhh time to start saving up for next time!

Lots of my pictures feature circular items - apparently I am drawn to circles this year!

Hand crafted metal decor from salvaged chair and iron work!


Pink Planter with cool deco styling and circular edge shape.

Metal bed frame with circular design - I love these beds!


Feedsack fabric in my FAVORITE color - coral - with sweet circle and dot pattern!


Neat-o enameled metal pin - you can't see the petal detail, but they were curled under on the edges in a circular shape! I'm guessing '40s era


Uber cool lampshade - I loved the texture of the fibers and the way it softened the light.


Funky 60s or 70s lamp - so over the top!


Atomic Clock - 50s or 60s - too bad it wasn't working or I would've bought it!


Superb Whiting & Davis chain purse - I have never seen one with this kind of decoration on it, probably 30s or 40s, and priced for the true collector...


A shockingly green pottery vase - the dealer said it was very rare - I just loved the shape and color and the CIRCLES!


My favorite for last... a super cool clutch purse from - hmm - late 40s or early 50s. I am SO INSPIRED by this bag!


I hope you enjoyed the pretty treasures of this year's trip! Back soon with more pics and info!

Anne Marie


Suzzi said...

It looks like you got lots of great vintage stuff! SO jealous, Did they have alot of old fashion rings? I am a sucker for a vintage ring, I love the clock! I wonder what it would take it get it running again.

becks said...

I think me and the boys are going tomorrow afternoon. Let me know if you'll be there! Yay Roundtop!