Monday, July 30, 2007

Treasure Tuesday: Ambiguously Ethnic Jewelry

For artists and crafters alike, it's a constant struggle to define your own sense of style. A search for "hammered metal jewelry" led me to discover four fabulously talented and original jewelers. Their work shares a sense of ambiguous ethnicity, adventure and exquisite detail. My own jewelry collection is massive - and I am always looking to add more pieces. (look for more additions to my iTaggit collection soon!)

Black Peas in a Pod

These "Black Peas in a Pod" earrings by EclecticTides
were created with hammered Silver and Black Onyx beads. I love the
contrast of the round beads and swirl with the elongated rectangle of
the silver frame. They remind me of ancient Egyptian or Greek jewelry.

Posey Pendant

This "Posey Pendant" by RubyGirl
features a 3-dimensional soldered metal disk with glass flower beads.
Red and turquoise is a great color combination - and they really stand
out against the black patina of the silver. The vibe has a kind of
urban-hippie feel to it that I really love - a way for someone who
isn't so girly to wear a very feminine piece of jewelry.

Petite Fleur Earrings

These "Petite Fleur" earrings by KimBDesigns
are little drops of luxury; The warmth of the brass filigree medallion
is nicely set with two other colors of metal. I can imagine wearing
them on a balcony in the French Quarter with a beautiful white dress...

Leaves of the Amazon

Finally, these "Leaves of the Amazon" earrings by Wired
are elegantly detailed. Gorgeous Amazonite is set off by a hand
stamped and hammered metal frame, wire wrapping, and Bali Silver. The
artist did an excellent job of combining so many different elements.

What do you think inspired these artists? Looking at their work has inspired me to wear some more adventurous jewelry. I hope you will take a moment to comment and look around at other people's collections here on iTaggit. Post your jewelry collection so we can all see!

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