Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DIY Wednesday: Let the Handmade Holidays BEGIN!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

So you're not a crafter, baker, seamtress or artist? So you wanna give eco-friendly gifts that have some love and meaning, but you just don't have the skills to make them?

Well - welcome to the fabulous Austin, Texas Craft Scene! This first weekend of December kicks off some of the best Holiday Shopping Events in the ATX. Here is my personal guide of events to hit up this weekend! Since I am fortunate enough to not have a show this weekend - you just might see me out and about :P

In case you're wondering where to get fabulous *annemarie* mini wallets, cosmetic bags and one-of-a-kind purses, you can view a sampling of my work on my ETSY SHOP, at Parts & Labour, or next weekend at the Cherrywood Art Fair!

Acknowledge Me
Sat. Dec 6th, 8pm to 2am, The Mowhawk
$6, or $5 with a donation.

This is the 2nd year of this alterna-craft fair - featuring handmade gifts, live music, vegan food and a warm clothing drive for the homeless. Bring a warm hat, gloves or new toiletry items and get $1 off admission.

*Favorite Artist* Diane Petkoff of Tasty Jewelry
Pictured above, her adorable bauble magnets!

Bazaar Arte
Sat & Sun, Dec. 6th & 7th, 12pm to 9pm at The Mexic-Arte Museum
Free Admission

Located on the Main Street of Austin - Congress Avenue - The Mexic-Arte Museum is a landmark of the Austin Art Scene. Join the festivities of the Capitol Tree Lighting and marvel at the beauty of our fair City. Stroll into the Bazaar Arte show for a treat of colorful and inspiring art. The event features an exciting raffle and party Saturday night with SALSA DANCING and DJs. Sounds fun!

*Favorite Artist* Limbo Jewelry by Edson Zinser Enriquez. You may have seen Edson set up next to Vespaio on First Thursdays. I have been a fan of his jewelry for a long time - he has a very unique organic style.

Bouldin Creek Studio Tour

Sat & Sun Dec 6th & 7th, 11am to 5pm
Private Studios - visit website for a map and gallery of artists.
Free Admission

Artists from Bouldin Creek and the surrounding areas will open their doors once again on December 6th & 7th for the Third Annual Bouldin Creek Studio Tour. Just in time for the 2008 holiday season, this two-day sale gives the public a rare glimpse inside the creative workspaces of Bouldin Creek's finest artists, craftspeople and creative mavens. From

*Favorite Artists* Leslie Bonnell of The Stitch Lab and Natalie Tischler of Ornamental Things

Travis Heights Art Trail
Sat & Sun, Dec 6th & 7th, 11am to 5pm
Private Studios - visit website for a map and gallery of artists.
Free Admission

This is the first I have heard of this show - and it looks great! Taking a cue from other successful studio tours, the historic, funky and fabulous neighborhood of Travis Heights is showing off their collective artistic talent.

*Favorite Artist* Lisa Eisenbrey
Lisa's work is also new to me, but her website, Easy to Enchant, says it all! She makes multi-media retro inspired but modernly cheeky artwork that is sure to thrill any friend with a sense of humor.

Thornton Road Holiday Art Show
Friday, Dec 5th, 5pm to 1pm (SNACKS AND BEVERAGES!)
Saturday, Dec 6th, 11am to 5pm
Free Admission

This show is in its 16th year, and features mostly ceramic artists. Look for great serving platters, bowls and sculpture.

*Favorite Artists* Claire Fielden & Leigh Navarro

My highlighted artists are Claire Fielden - whose jewelry & pottery I ADORE, and Leigh Navarro who makes slick, stylized enameled metal pendants.

Wheatsville Arts Festival

Sat & Sun, Dec 5th & 6th, 10am to 5:30pm at Adams Park
Free Admission

Okay - for all of you who have moved to Austin in the past 10 years because it was a *cool* *laidback* place - Wheatsville is part of what makes Austin what it is. One of the original and still standing TEXAS HIPPIE landmarks, the Wheatsville Food Coop has been serving up delicious food and organic treats forever.

This Arts Festival is one of the longest running in the ATX. This year's show is bigger than ever - with 75 Artists! Live music all day - family friendly, and Centrally Located. Bust out that tie-dye and granola!

Favorite Artist* Pigsey Art


If you are a local ARTIST looking for a Spring Show - don't forget to apply for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin! Our website is rockin' and we will feature each and every artist with a lovely picture, link to their site and blog post! Get noticed and join forces with us!

xo, Anne Marie

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin! NEW APPLICATION

When we started The Bearded Ladies Present - we wanted everything to be streamlined and easily accessible through the web. Anne Marie is in Austin, TX and Allison is in San Diego, CA.

How could we possibly review applications on paper? More and more shows are going towards an electronic application - and we wanted to be part of this movement.

Well - not everything works out as planned. We thought we had the *perfect* application online, and then we started getting error reports... After much trial and error - we have now improved and *hopefully* error-proofed the application for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin.

To apply for our show, first read through all of the show details on our Apply Here Page. You can then move onto the Application, which is now broken down into a three step process.

We're looking for artisan based in Central Texas who handcraft fine objects - clothing, handbags, jewelry, kids items, home decor, pet items, gourmet food and more. The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin will be THE shopping event of 2009 - be a part of our show and apply now!

If you have any questions or encounter any errors with the application, please Contact Us!

xo, Anne Marie & Allison

Friday, November 21, 2008

E.A.S.T. - come see *annemarie* this weekend!!!

E.A.S.T., or The East Austin Studio Tour, is now in its seventh year - and getting bigger and badder every year!

This year I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating as an artist. Below are all the juicy details on my personal picks for this weekend! The tour is organized by number - so each studio/artist I list shows their number and a link to their site. There will be white signs all over the East Side with the numbers to help you get around.

81. *annemarie* Style for the Individual
Anne Marie Beard is a handbag designer and certified fabric junkie. She creates exquisite artisan handbags from vintage and unique materials.

81. The WIM Group
Custom cabinets and furniture. This fabulous woodshop is where I work part time - come see samples of the beautiful furniture we make - and have some free beer and snacks!

80. Casey Woods Photography
Casey takes beautiful photographs of people and places. She will be showcasing some pictures of her travels and a new work in progress about a fascinating East Austin Diva!

143a. Studio 1408
Studio 1408 explores surface design, silkscreen printing, textile arts, and mixed media art. Headed up by Kathleen McTee - the fabulous woman behind the Cherrywood Art Fair - this Studio is full of creative talent! They will be having demonstrations all weekend!

45b Lisa Crowder Lisa creates innovative jewelry in a variety of materials including: sterling silver, gold, enamel, ebony & bone. She also has the prettiest curly hair!

141. Amy Barber, Sweettooth Bags

Amy designs and makes delicious sewn goods - wallets and party purses! She is also hosting Naughty Secretary Club and Hot Pink Pistol for the tour!

112. East End Craft Gallery

These gals are new to the Austin Craft Scene - and have made quite an imprint in just a few months. Look for the East End Craft Gallery to be the jumping off point for many up-and-coming Austin designers, crafters and artists!

Come on out and see all the fabulous artists this weekend! Remember, the whole tour is free, self-guided, and most places will have free snacks. Support the Austin Arts Community!!!

xo, Anne Marie

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DIY Wednesday: Etsy Austin to host its first event!

A couple of months ago I was invited to join the new Etsy Austin team - it's about time we had one here! Etsy, for those of you who don't know - is an easy to use website where crafters and makers can sell their wares.

Etsy has gained much acclaim in the past few years - and many major publications are taking note by gleaning the thousands and thousands of cute offerings for their editorial picks. From the NY Times to Lucky Mag - Etsy is bringing crafters into the mainstream mindset.

Street teams are groups of Etsy Sellers who organize locally and regionally to promote each other's online shops, produce events and share selling advice. Etsy Austin joins the ranks of the well known Etsy Dallas and Etsy Texas groups - and looks to become a force in the local craft scene.

This December Team Etsy Austin will produce their first craft show - a three day affair at the alternative/punk/skater venue The Broken Neck. The event promises to be a fun one - with live music all day and night, and live skating demonstrations.

They will feature family-friendly entertainment during the day, and more mature fun for night. The Etsy Austin Holiday Bazaar is currently accepting applications from interested crafters. They also need VOLUNTEERS so check out the details below.

When: Dec. 19th - 21st, 2008
Where: The Broken Neck
Application: PDF available online
More Info: Etsy Austin Blog

And don't forget - my own show, The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin, is currently accepting applications as well! Get yourself set for the FINEST event in Austin next Spring.

xo, Anne Marie

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DIY Wednesday: What do you MAKE?

This past week and weekend were insane! From prepping for Maker Faire to finalizing the application for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin - I think I worked well over 80 hours last week - whew!

So I didn't take a camera to Maker Faire - but lots of people did, and blogged all about it!

I did have a chance to meet lots of fabulous vendors and will be writing about them on my blog in the coming weeks.

But for now the big news is.... The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin! Applications are now open!


Event Name: The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin
Date: Saturday April 18, 2009
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Saengerrunde Hall, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
Tickets: in advance $8, at the door $10.
Contact: info [at]


The Bearded Ladies Present is set to produce their first show in Austin, Texas. The 2009 event will be a craft fair, fine arts festival, and independent designer showcase all wrapped up into one. By featuring the best vendors in Austin, The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin will provide shoppers an opportunity to find one of-a-kind gifts, unique accessories, fashionable attire, home decor and more.

Shoppers can browse the work of talented artisans who buck the trend of mass-production by offering handcrafted goods that are finely constructed and very unique. These independent entrepreneurs are locally based, but also come from surrounding areas to participate in what is sure to be a fun family event filled with items you can’t find anywhere else. The first thirty shoppers to arrive at the event will receive a goodie bag stuffed with great giveaway items from vendors and local businesses. Shopping begins at 11:00 a.m., and admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door; parking is available near Saengerrunde Hall.

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin is currently accepting applications for vendors. All local crafters, independent designers, and fine artists that want to broaden their customer base are invited to apply. Let all of Austin know what you have to offer and join The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin!
To apply go to:

xo, Anne Marie

Thursday, October 9, 2008

DIY Wednesday: Highlights from the AAQG Quilt Show Part 2

More FABULOUS quilts to ooh and ahhh over!



Clematis by Niki Valentine Vick

May Flower's Party detail by Sookie Knapp

Flowers in a Red Room detail by Barbara Barrett

Honeycomb Havoc by Ceil Heart with Match-A-Patch Bee

Trash to Treasure by Sandy Pigford

Trash to Treasure detail by Sandy Pigford

The last set of great quilt pictures to come next week! If you're interested in quilting check out the Austin Area Quilt Guild or sign up for a beginner quilting class at The Stitching Studio!

Anne Marie

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin

Thursday, October 2, 2008

DIY Wednesday: Highlights from the AAQG Quilt Show Part 1

I'm going to let the photos do all the talking tonight....check out my Flickr Set for detailed information about each quilt & the artists' statement.

Because I took so many great pics, I will feature just a few of my favorite quilts...

Congratulations to my mom, Mary Beard, who won 3rd place in Miniatures and organized the Demonstrations of the show. She is an inspiration to many!

I am always Crazy - Mary Beard

Silk Window by Barbara Berrett

Flower Quilt Detail

Circle Quilt Detail

Stormy Weather by Terre Walker

Stormy Weather by Terre Walker - Detail

More fabulous pictures to come over the next several days. If you're interested in quilting check out the Austin Area Quilt Guild or sign up for a beginner quilting class at The Stitching Studio!

Anne Marie

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ACL Alternative - Quilts!

Quilts. That's a weird word, eh? To many people that word conjures up an image of a threadbare, ratty old "blanket" their grandma made and that they use to wrap up furniture when they move.

To others, it brings to mind a cherished family heirloom - handmade with love and used for generations to provide warmth on a cold night.

Still other images can come to mind - how about a piece of art that hangs on the wall? A heavily embellished creation made with hand-dyed fabric, beads, embroidery, buttons and goodness knows what else. A striking composition in an art form still under-appreciated.

The image I think of when I see or hear the word Quilt is a combination of all those above. I have a handmade turtle quilt from my great-grandmother that I use every winter, several art quilts that I hang for holidays, one I use on my bed daily, and one I use to wrap up in on the couch. Simply stated - I LOVE QUILTS and I will NEVER use a "comforter" again in my life. Nooooooo way!

This weekend is a BIG weekend in Austin. There's the ACL festival, the UT-Arkansas Game and... The AAQG 2008 Quilt Show! My mom has been a member of the Austin Area Quilt Guild (AAQG) for as long as I can remember.

So this weekend is the perfect opportunity to discover the new love of your life in Quilts!

There will be fantastic Quilts of all sizes - from miniatures whose small pieces will boggle your mind to King Sized Quilts of striking proportion. There will be fabulous Art Quilts, and a unique Wearable Arts section on display.

In addition my Mom, Mary Beard, has organized three days worth of demonstrations. You can catch *me* giving a demonstration on purse making techniques Sunday.

You can shop the latest in hip, retro and heirloom cotton fabrics from the fabulous vendors, browse the gift boutique, and bid on amazing items in the silent auction.

Grab the family and head out to the AAQG 2008 Quilt Show this weekend!

What: AAQG 2008 Quilt Show
Where: The Crockett Center; 10601 N. Lamar between Braker Lane on the north and 183 on the south.
When: Friday to Sunday, Sept. 26th - 28th
Cost: $6 per person; Children under 12 free

IMAGE CREDITS: From top to bottom: Vintage Quilt in Silent Auction, Crazy Quilt by Mary Murdoch, Art quilt by Beth T. Kennedy, Two art quilts by Naomi S. Adams. Click on the pictures for more information.

Anne Marie Beard

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thrift Thursday: Go Mod on a Budget!

So usually my Thrift Thursday post is about snazzy finds I get at the Thrift Store - but Thrifty can mean many things... one of them being shopping on a budget.

Today I am featuring cute items for your body & your home for $20 or under on - ENJOY!

href="">Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

xo, Anne Marie Beard

Peep the next biggest thing in Austin!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Le Garage Sale - Hip Fashion & Super Deals

If you're in the great city of Austin, Texas this weekend - and you like fashion & shopping - you NEED to go to Le Garage Sale!

This bi-annual event features over 50 of Austin's best boutiques and a handful of Independent Designers selling their wares at deep discounts.

I will have bags on sale from $10 to $45!!! I even have some brand new fall bags that are discounted at 25% and more. This is your chance to hit all of Austin's best boutiques in one place!

September 6th - 7th, 2008

PALMER EVENTS CENTER Saturday: 11am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Admission: $10/person*
2-day pass available: $15/person

******** This is your ONLY chance this year to get *annemarie* bags on sale!!!!!!!!!*******

xo, Anne Marie

PS - Have you heard? A fabulous new event is on the horizon in Austin....

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DIY Wednesday: I'm a Naughty Secretary - how about you?

So friends, if you don't get the joke - I am talking about Jen Perkins' uber fab indie biz - The Naughty Secretary Club.

Back in 2003 I was just getting my feet wet in the Austin Craft Scene. I was invited out to a meeting called the "Babes in Biz." It was a small group of friends (and I knew NO ONE!) and we met at the Horseshoe Lounge. Jen Perkins was there - along with other, now famous crafty ladies - Karly Hand, Tina Sparkles, Jen Arnston, Jenny Hart, and Cory Ryan.

Jen was just the sweetest thing ever - she comes from a small town in Texas - which means that she is genuinely kind hearted and nice to everyone. She always made a point to make me and all other newcomers feel welcome and at home. Jen's personality is a big reason for why she is so successful today.

Fast forward 5 years and the woman has a new book out! The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry. Oh, did I mention that she hosts her own TV Show - Craft Lab, and guest writes blogs and magazine articles, and that she has been featured in a zillion articles?

This Saturday is your chance to come out and meet Jen - it's her official Austin Book Release Party! CRAFT magazine is teaming up to launch their latest issue, and it's being held at the gorgeous Craft-O-Rama sewing and crafting studio.

If you like crafts, and want to be a craft rock star - come on out and meet everyone! I'm going to be helping Rachel of Average Jane Crafter with the make & take craft area! There's also going to be door prizes, discounts on CRAFT mag, book signing by Jen, and a chance to check out all the wonderful fabric and classes offered by Craft-o-Rama. Oh yeah, Amy's Ice Cream is in the same shopping center!

WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 30th, 3pm to 6pm
WHERE: Craft-O-Rama, 3100 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704 US
WHAT: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry book release party & signing & CRAFT magazine issue launch
WHO: YOU and all your fabulous friends!

See you on Saturday! xo, Anne Marie

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Stitching Studio Grand Opening!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew? Make clothes for your kiddos or yourself?

How about make your own purses or jewelry? The Stitching Studio has you covered!

Come join us for a fabulous grand opening this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. The Stitching Studio offers many levels of sewing and crafting classes, from beginner to advanced.

Anne Marie Beard
is one of the featured teachers! Did you know that she is now working on a line of patterns from her handbag designs?

Come on out and meet the teachers, shop for some handmade goodies, and get inspired by all the crafty classes you can take! We even have classes designed for you to handmake your own holiday gifts :)

xo, Anne Marie


Sunday, August 10, 2008

*annemarie* featured on Indie Parade

Have you heard about Indie Parade? It's a photoblog that features "awesome things created by independent crafters and designers."

The cool thing is that they have items listed by categories. Need a gift for a party hostess? Man friend? Sister? Indie Parade has you covered!

Check out the best in Indie Design, and rank my bag pic, please! You can also see more shots of the fabulous Wendy Zipper Tote in the *annemarie* Etsy Shop!