Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin! NEW APPLICATION

When we started The Bearded Ladies Present - we wanted everything to be streamlined and easily accessible through the web. Anne Marie is in Austin, TX and Allison is in San Diego, CA.

How could we possibly review applications on paper? More and more shows are going towards an electronic application - and we wanted to be part of this movement.

Well - not everything works out as planned. We thought we had the *perfect* application online, and then we started getting error reports... After much trial and error - we have now improved and *hopefully* error-proofed the application for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin.

To apply for our show, first read through all of the show details on our Apply Here Page. You can then move onto the Application, which is now broken down into a three step process.

We're looking for artisan based in Central Texas who handcraft fine objects - clothing, handbags, jewelry, kids items, home decor, pet items, gourmet food and more. The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin will be THE shopping event of 2009 - be a part of our show and apply now!

If you have any questions or encounter any errors with the application, please Contact Us!

xo, Anne Marie & Allison