Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabric Junkie? Shop at Thread-Bare, the DIY Thrift Store!

Oh oh oh - there is nothing I love more than vintage fabric - and cheap vintage fabric is even better.

Ann Randall, owner of The Stitching Studio and co-creator of The Charity Craft Volunteer Network, recently opened Thread-Bare in her North Austin Studio.

I got a sneak peek last month when I went up for a Ladies' Night Out Sewing Extravaganza! Ann opens up The Stitching Studio for ladies and provides soup & salad - for only $10.00 you get to craft and sew in a gorgeously appointed space and have fun with like-minded ladies.

Well, the front of the studio is now a Thrift Store! There are bundles of fabric for ridiculously cheap - about $1.00 a yard, vintage buttons, fabric stamping supplies, holiday decorations - just all kinds of craft goodness!

I walked out with two trash bags full of awesome fabric - and made some cool purses out of it already! The best part is that all the proceeds go to support The Charity Craft Volunteer Network - an organization that "provides comfort to those in need through gifts of handcrafted items."

So not only do you get to shop at amazing prices, you get to support a great cause - and check out one of Austin's nicest sewing studios - who knows - maybe you will be inspired to take a class!

Anne Marie