Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DIY Wednesday: Jewelry Screen Project!

This Wednesday's project is super easy, and super useful! How many of us gals have piles of earrings laying around - in a drawer or on a dresser, all tangled up? I wanted to make something pretty to hang my earrings on, and this Jewelry Screen is what I came up with!

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5
Estimated Cost: $20 - assuming you have some of the basics on hand


* Frame with a solid back
* Picture Mat that fits frame
* Wire Screen (usually sold as repair item for a screen window or door)
* Foam Core
* Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
* Craft Scissors and X-acto Knife or Rotary Cutter
* Ruler
* Optional: Paint and Brushes to decorate Picture Mat
* Optional: Paper for background

Step One: Preparing the Frame

Take the frame back off and set aside, make sure to attach the hanging wire, if necessary. Discard or reuse the glass for the frame. Now you can decide if you want to paint or decorate the mat - you can buy them in colors, but many frames will come with a plain mat. I chose to paint mine a pretty coral color with acrylic paint - you could decoupage it, stamp it, glue fabric on it - the sky is the limit!

Step One

Step Two: Preparing the Screen

Roll the screen out, and hold it flat with some heavy objects. Place the back of the frame on top, and cut the screen to the same size with your craft scissors. The screen's edges can get sharp, so be careful.

Step Two a

Step Two b

Step Three: Preparing the Foam Core

(get your pet to help!)

You will need 4 pieces of foam core. Use your ruler to measure the width and length of the long side of the mat - cut 2 of this size. Then, lay those two pieces on the mat, and you will have a space left for a top and bottom piece. Measure and cut these 2 pieces. The best way to cut Foam Core is with an X-acto Knife or Rotary Cutter, using a ruler as a straight edge. *The pieces of foam core are more clearly shown in the next photo...

Step Three

Step Four: Assemble the Mat, Screen, and Foam Core

First, plug in the hot glue gun! Lay the mat decorated side down, then lay the screen on top and hold it in place with a heavy object in the middle. Squirt hot glue onto one of the long sides of the mat, and press the foam core on top. Repeat for the other long side, then do the top and the bottom. This will hold the screen in place, and give you necessary space between the screen and the frame back to hang your earrings.

Step Four

Step Five: Finish the Project!

Place the Mat, Screen and Foam Core "unit" face down into your frame. This is where you decide whether you need a background color or pattern. If you do - place it down first, and then put the back of the frame on. Close it all up, and hang it!

Finished Piece

I am new at writing these tutorials - so please send me your feedback! Was this easy to follow? Was my "level rating" on target? Send me pictures if you create one!

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Elizabeth said...

Very cool! And very simple. I can see just taking a glue gun to that frame and adding some silk flowers. Thanks!

Kat said...

This is the coolest thing hanging in my room right now. It displays my earrings so it's easy to pick out my accessories for the day. I really like functional art pieces..and this one is a keeper!! Thanks!

Allyson Hill said...

I'm looking for a gift idea for my neice and this is was very helpful!