Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday - Roundtop Recap!

Roundtop, Texas - actually more like Warrenton, Texas - is THE PLACE TO BE in April and October if you like to shop for antiques, collectibles, junk and great buys....

This year marks.. wow, 3 or 4 years that we've been going - and it was a blast! A few themes emerge every year - and this year they included elephants, fabulous art deco pieces, creepy objects of interest, and cute baby stuff. So let's break it down by category and get going on the recap!

Of COURSE - this is my favorite time period of design - Art Nouveau comes in at a close second, then Mid Century Modern. Deco is growing in it's collectible interest - and the authentic pieces are pretty pricey. Always great for inspiration!

Creepy & Weird

I don't know what came over my girl friends - but they got into some creepy stuff this year - and the more I looked, the more it seemed that creepy was a theme across the fields.

Baby & Cute
Well my best friend just had a baby - welcome, Hunter Ray Love! And I saw a few things that reminded me of her. I even had a dream about holding the baby while I was gone. He is just so cute and I can't wait to see him again :)

As always - hope you're inspired and entertained!

xo, Anne Marie
April 18th, 2009 - The EVENT OF THE YEAR in Austin!