Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DIY Wednesday - Awesome Bash this Friday!

It's Wednesday, the day I get inspired by people's amazing DIY skills, and sometimes share my own. Well there is a group of 4 talented girls here in Austin that you need to meet!

They are The Wondercraft and they're going to teach you to craft! (What rhymes with craft? Sass + T?) Classes cover a wide array of fields: polymer clay, resin casting, upcycled jewelry & t-shirt projects, classic drawing techniques, and more! They have lessons targeted to Kids, Tweens & Teens, and Adults. Artists can learn new skills, take classes to help launch their DIY business, and join in a community that is encouraging and friendly.

What makes the Wondercraft neat to me is that they are teaching classes in locations all over Austin, at times in their very own Airstream Trailer, AND they will bring the craftiness to you with a Custom Craft Party! Say goodbye to lame-o bridal showers - invite the Wondercraft girls and your guests will walk away with a hip, handmade craft, feeling great about their abilities, and with better memories than a lame "clipboard game."

Over the past year I have had an opportunity to get to know and work with the ladies who founded the Wondercraft. They are Beth Albrecht of Paired Hearts, Jennifer Bryan of Lucy Blue Studio, Beth Hempton of The Snuggleherd and Kimberly Sae-Eau of Broken Ear Productions.

Try to keep up with me - Beth A. and Jen were both vendors at our amazing Lone Star Ladies Present: Shop Austin Event, all four gals are members and keystone leaders of Etsy Austin, and Kim just won the Golden Boot for Rising Star at the Austin Fashion Awards.

I got a little preview of their DIY Demonstrations at the Austin Handmade Party during Austin Fashion Week, and I can't wait to see them teaching classes in full swing.

If you didn't already know what a cool town Austin is to live in - this just adds to the ever-growing lists. For anyone who likes to craft, create, sew, draw, paint... we've got you covered! Check out my list of places to learn in Austin at left!

The All Austin All handmade Bash at the Beauty Bar July 31st 7-11pm

Come meet the girls of The Wondercraft at the All Austin All Handmade Bash this Friday, July 31st. Produced by my dear friend Candace Carlisle of Electric Promotions - the Bash features Austin Artists - including *annemarie* - a Fashion Show by Team Fabrication, Live music, Up-Dos, a Photo Booth... and lots of amazing food and drink!

See you there!

xo, Anne Marie