Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds - Resources for Small Businesses in Austin

I am veering into Business Plan land... and I wanted to share some fabulous resources for small business owners, or potential owners, here in Austin, Texas!

The first thing you need to start a business is a dream and a strong drive. If you have that - you can succeed - with a bit of research, a willingness to ask for help and a kind heart willing to give help in return.

So - are you ready?

The City of Austin's Small Business Development Program, or SBDP, offers free and low cost classes in subjects ranging from Small Business Bootcamp, Quickbooks Training, Customer Service, Business Plan writing and much more! They also have links to TONS Of resources in the Austin Area. Note - the website is not super user friendly or eye-catching (it's a City site, afterall) - BUT - do not discredit the treasury of info tucked away on there!
*MY PICK* How to Write a Business Plan - $45 - a steal!


The University of Texas at Austin Professional Development Center - it's just what it sounds like, Professional Development. They have recently teamed with the SBDP to offer classes for small business owners taught by amazing professionals!

BIG Austin offers classes and workshops for new & small business owners, business strength building, and pioneered micro-lending in Austin.
*MY PICK* Free Tightwad Marketing


Crafty Business Seminar with Jennifer Perkins of The Naughty Secretary Club
Jennifer brings years of experience as a Nationally successful Crafty Business owner to the table. Her use of Social Media to promote her business is legendary - and STILL ahead of the curve.


SCORE Austin teams retired business professionals with new or growing business owners for FREE Counseling and low cost Workshops. Again, another not so user friendly site - but check it out because it's worth it!


Happy Business Building!
xo, Anne Marie


belle said...

thanks so much for all the great info!

Beth H said...

great post, Anne Marie! thanks for the info - i'm going to check into that Tightwad Marketing...

Debbie said...

great info. I am in the midst of ALL of this planning working on an official line launch a few seasons out. much work to do and many details to think about!