Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Friday - Curvy is Better!

Back when I was a Costume Design Student at the University of Texas, I toyed with the idea of launching a clothing line for curvy gals. I sketched out designs and everything... but never did it. The purse bug bit me!

I've been hovering in the 12 to 16 size range for about 10 years - and believe me, if anything it helps me get dates! Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes - and I love my super skinny sister as much as my super curvy one - but not everyone is so "curvaceously minded"

That's me at left, rockin' the curves at the Sci-fEye Ball!

Enter Anslee Connell, aka SavannahRed (pictured below). Anslee is an Austin-based designer and photographer on a mission to provide Curvy Ladies with super fabulous clothes!

She is producing her first ever fashion show next week, RetroCurves, a '50s themed debut collection of "curve-friendly apparel [that pulls] our current trend away from unflattering shapes and takes them back to defining the waistline."

Connell hopes that "with my designs, beginning with this collection, a curvy woman may regain the confidence in herself by looking great and feeling wonderful in something that was handmade for her unique body. Hopefully then, she will offer every stranger on the street that beautiful smile she may have been hiding."

Wow. I love this concept! I have been sewing my own clothes since I was about 12, and though I don't make much for myself anymore, I am still a huge fan of custom clothing. Looks like SavannahRed has a bright future ahead! I would highly recommend that you bring any young women in your life to this event - because ALL WOMEN are beautiful - no matter the age, no matter the size... a smile can always light up a room!


WHEN: Wed. Sept. 16th, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm
WHERE: Space12
3121 E. 12th st., Austin, TX
COST: $7.00 at the door, cash preferred
TREATS: Free Root Beer Floats & Drinks!

xo, Anne Marie
aka - One Curvy Lady!

ps - don't forget to mark your calendars for next weekend's We Make Stuff!


selahestelle said...

Amen curvy comrade! Now if we can find clothes for TALL curvy girls! Also, maternity wear is seriously lacking in the tall dept. I have visions of a storefront...Big & Tall & Pregnant! Thanks for the tip and the shout out to all the luscious ladies out there!

Average Jane Crafter said...

Love this! Curves r-o-c-k! :)