Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thrift Thursday: Velvet Tulips, Anyone?

I have got myself on a little schedule this year - I am posting at least one blog a week and posting new bags for sale on Etsy every Tuesday and Thursday. I am so bad at keeping to a schedule of any kind, so the fact that this is week three of the schedule is amazing!

As a child, I spent lots of time at my Grandparents' house. They had the biggest backyard ever! There was a covered porch, a cool paisley shaped pool and a sloping yard that went on forever and ended in flower beds. It was odd to swim right by banana and peach trees in Texas! I am talking about their yard because my Grandfather was a great gardener - especially handy with those tricky bulbed flowers like tulips.

Today's Thrift Item is a lovely 60s or 70s short nap velvet print that features - TULIPS! I just love large, crazy fabric prints - especially florals. I've got pics of two bags I made out of it. Looking at this fabric reminds me of Pop (aka George Louis Boswell) in the yard with his jumpsuit on and working on his flowers. He worked in the yard until he was 92 - with horrible arthritis and all. I hope I will still be sewing at 92 and just growling through the pain of arthritis - eff stopping what you love because of aging!

A bit sentimental today :)

Anne Marie Beard