Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thrift Thursday: From scary dress to sexy bag

Oh how I love to thrift shop! I am a serious thrift shopper, my friends. If I am in the store more than 15 minutes then something is seriously wrong. It's like a challenge - walk in the store - eyes narrowed, looking for that perfect deal, walking super fast.

I go thrifting when I have a little twinge of an electric feeling inside - "there's something good out there today..." and usually, there is!

One of my favorite things to look for is vintage fabric - I will cut up sheets, draperies, tablecloths, clothes and more. All of the bags I make have a cool story behind them - usually centered around the adventure of purchasing the fabric.

Today I finally got around to posting some bags for sale in my Etsy store - do you have any idea how long it takes to measure and weigh all your products for sale online? It has only taken me 5 years to do it!!!

So one of the bags I posted today is the result of a thrifting trip - Picture this dress - sleeveless with a neru collar, empire waistband, and floor length skirt. All in this dark green paisley print with pops of orange, blue and tan. You could stop traffic in a dress like that! Snip snip snip went the scissors - and voila - I made a sexy, curvy bag.

The funny thing about all this eco/green conciousness to me is that - wait, is it 1992 again? I was the product of the MASSIVE green wave of the early '90s, and recycling has always been a way of life. I mean, who wants to wear what everyone else has, when you can score a funky skirt at Goodwill, or make a fabulous bag out of a hideous dress? For those of you who aren't so handy with the sewing machine - you can always browse my Etsy store for tons more goodies made from recycled/eco-friendly/green materials. It's nothing new - but I may as well mention that it's part of the *annemarie* ethos.

Happy Thrifting!


Shannon said...

Very cute bag. You clearly improved that dress! :)

Beth Howard said...

That is quite a sassy bag--esp. with the Audrey shades!!