Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Gifts - Oh what fun!

This morning found me spilling my espresso in a sleepy daze, and trying to be positive, I noticed that I had half of a shot left. Of COURSE I was going to make more - but now I have a shot and a half of espresso - on the "glass half full" side of life :)

Christmas is always such a special time of year. I have a wonderful family and group of friends, and I am always very pleased with the thoughtful, unique and cool gifts I get. I wanted to feature two of these presents today.

The first is this awesome video of 50s and 60s fashion news reels - very entertaining and very thoughtful for a fashion whore like me! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Item Name:50s and 60s Fashion ReelsCategory:MoviesValue:$30.00

Content Generated - 12/28/2007

Title:Fashion Flashbacks!
Studio:VidCat Productions
Genre:Vintage Fashion News Reels

This is a great collection of vintage fashion news reels from the 50s and 60s. There is a male announcer who says the corniest things at the end of each reel - but it's a great view at high fashion from the period. Shorts feature swimsuits, couture, shoes, hats, ready to wear and more! Highly entertaining for any fashion lover.

The second is this amazing massager - I requested one, as all the time spent sewing and crafting can lead to some rather nasty soreness. Just a few days before Christmas, my Mom pinched a nerve in her back and is still in very severe pain. I knew this gift had come right on time, and took it over to massage my Mom. She enjoyed it too! Thanks Sarah and Cat!

Item Name:Thera Spa 15-speed Professional Percussion MassagerCategory:ElectronicsValue:$100.00

Content Generated - 12/28/2007

Title:TheraSpa Massager
Product type:Hand Held Back Massager

This powerful massager uses pulsing acupressure nodes and three massage programs to provide a massage unlike any other. Like a professional session, our versatile massager not only works away knots and relieves tension, but also enhances immune system efficiency, releases trapped toxins, promotes circulation and produces endorphins (ârunnerâs highâ). Three modesâsoothing, therapeutic and stimulatingâprovide unique massage experiences. Or choose one of 15 speeds for a custom massage. Nodes may be adjusted to three separate widths to accommodate various body areas and frame sizes. Ergonomic handle with minimal power kick-back. Auto shutoff after 15 minutes of uninterrupted operation. 12-foot cord. UL-listed.

The connection between the two is that I can massage myself while watching this cool DVD! Coming soon on the blog: New purse designs, Post Holiday crafts, and MORE fabulous jewelry :P

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