Saturday, December 22, 2007

Handmade Holidays - Cute Decor!

I love the Holidays! It brings out the uber-crafty princess in me! Actually, I have been crafting and sewing and baking like mad the past few weeks, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of things and blog about them.

As Christmas is almost upon us, I wanted to update my blog today, FINALLY. I just wanted to feature a few of the items I have made this year. Today I will feature my retro inspired glitter ornaments. I have a very tiny Christmas Tree, but I do have a long wire that stretches across my living room, and I chose to hang ornaments on it this year.

I will have to do a tutorial on the ornaments for next year! Suffice it to say that after Christmas I will be cleaning out the craft stores for all glass ornaments and glitter that might be on clearance!


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful, at first I think they were earings!! Like earings the would be great too.