Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DIY Wednesday: Makin' my own Luggage!

I recently got accepted to participate in a neat shopping event called Appel & Frank. They do shows in California - and this is their first one in San Diego. Lucky lucky me, my sister lives there, so I have a free place to stay!

So, I have recently invested quite a bit of dough in new, pretty, fancy display equipment! I have gridwall, waterfall arms and now shelving for the gridwall too. I decided to make my own travel case for this equipment, as show season is about to kick off!

The plans so far are to make a big envelope style bag, with foam sheets laid in as padding. Here is the GENIUS part of it - I bought a collapsible dolly, and it will go in the bag on the plane, then come out and become the bag's own method of transport! Lots of sewing of webbing, velcro and hooks tonight folks - you'll see the results soon!

As a special treat, folks I want to share one of my best wholesale resources - Ralston Cunningham (425) 455-0316 - they sell webbing and hook and loop tape ("velcro") VERY inexpensively. Super nice sales guys too - I've been using them for 6 years. They don't have a website - so just call them up and ask for samples!

Anne Marie Beard


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