Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunny Sunday: Stitches & Greasy Food!

Ahh, once again, Sunday has rolled around.  This past week was a good one - I went to my firsrt Austin Area Quilt Guild meeting of the year - scored some awesome trim from the free table and listened to a great lecture by Sally Schneider on her built-in-borders technique.

I am starting to realize what a math head I am - I HATED math in school.  My grades were always B's or higher - but it was a real struggle.  But since I draft patterns and sew and deal with measurements on a daily basis - I realize that I love that kind of math.  It's creative math!  I especially love looking at quilt blocks or purses or anything pieced together, and taking it apart in my head - and then putting it back together in the proper order.  Fun!

Tuesday was the 4th year birthday party for Parts & Labour - we had delicious cupcakes and tunes by DJ Chicken George at the Beauty Bar.  But Wednesday was my favorite day this week - because that was the day I decorated the P&L window!  See my previous blog for pics of that.

My friend Ann Randall used to help me out sewing one night a week, and left me (boo hoo) to start her own business (oh, I mean, YEAH!).  The Stitching Studio opened its doors over a year ago - and Ann teaches classes on beginner sewing, tote bags, beginning quilting and more.  She also uses her studio space to sew much needed hospital items with a group of volunteers.

Apron from a class by the Stitching StudioI was thrilled to see her after a long hiatus - and we talked for hours about her business and came up with some ideas for me to get the ball rolling on my pattern publishing and teaching classes!!! So I will hopefully be teaching a class to some ladies in a month - just to test the waters.  My goal for this year is to have a line of patterns ready for sale at Stitch in November 2008.  Did you know I have drafted over 90 original purse/accessory patterns?  Wouldn't you like to make your own super cute bag too?

(I am so growling right now because I wrote this whole blog, inserted a ton of links and pictures and clicked SAVE a million times and it didn't save!!!)

So to wrap up the week my Mom and 2nd Mom Cheryl took me to the Austin Stitchery Guild Show - tons of fabulous creations!  These ladies made all kinds of stitched items - from traditional samplers, small cases, art quilts, jewelry and more!  See pics below. Afterwards we went to eat at the Frisco - super yummy traditional food!

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