Thursday, March 13, 2008

*annemarie* featured in the Austin paper

The fabulous store where I sell on Austin's South Congress shopping strip, Parts & Labour, was featured in the Austin American-Statesman today.

Spring Preview!

There is a write up about the store, and pictures of my bags in the print version! Looks like my pic didn't make it on the web, but my good friend Wendy Irwin's bags did! She is the uber crafty owner of Ballistic Sweater Girl.

Off to South Congress today to set up in my booth at Jo's Coffee shop... I am expecting to see all kinds of cool outfits and SXSW brings thousands into Austin for the weekend!

Anne Marie


Anonymous said...

Anne Marie:

That's awesome! LOVE Parts & Labour! I have been meaning to take some shirts to Lizelle...My mom gave me yuo business card. She said you came by my booth in Warrenton at the Antique Show. I'm so sorry I missed yuo!!! I really wanted to meet you! Well, maybe we can get a Saturday afternoon meeting planned for some of us Babes in Business! :0) Oh, and I fave'd you on etsy. I like the shop!

Take care!