Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Photoblog: From Luggage to Art to New Spring Bags!

I am off to San Diego tomorrow! I have been so uber busy sewing and cleaning and making hangtags etc.... that I kept forgetting to blog. So to make things easy on myself tonight, I emptied my camera of images and chose a few to share with you!

First off, I finally finished my display luggage. That's right folks, I made this sweet puppy all on my own - it's really just an envelope style bag with lots of velcro and fancy webbing and buckles to hold everything in... 2 pieces of gridwall, shelving, etc...

Display Luggage!

Display Luggage Detail

Next, a sneak peek at my pattern development. I am working on a line of patterns to publish for other crafty people - and a big part of the process is started. Soon enough I will be teaching classes, so to prepare I took pictures of my pattern pieces on fabric for a cutting layout and to determine the amount of yardage to use.

The beginnings of a Pattern Layout!

I also snapped lots of photos of my new Spring Bags!!! I have been working on them for a few weeks, and they are all finally finished. I took a huge batch to Parts & Labour today, and packed the rest for San Diego. I will post some for sale on Etsy next week, but you can see a sneak peek preview below!

The Rosie Bag...
Spring Preview

The Paige Bag...
Spring Preview!

Finally, after a lot of hard work, I relaxed and made some art. I wanted to show you how messy making a tiny piece of art can be - paint, fabric scraps, glue, glitter.... how do I fit all of those crafting supplies in my tiny apartment?

Anne Marie's Art MESS

Then - the finished piece of art - just a fun little canvas square to let my creative juices flow.

Anne Marie's Art

Wish me luck at Appel & Frank!
Anne Marie


Kreated by Kelly said...

Gorgeous bags!! Great picture!! Good luck!!! Apparently I love exclamation points *smiles*

Wilfred said...

It's just gorgeous....