Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thrift Thursday: Wimberley Market Days

Thrift Thursday is all about diggin for gold amongst lots of dirt. Last weekend some of my best friends and I headed down to Wimberley, Texas for a relaxing weekend.

Wimberley is a crazy little town - there is not one single straight road there - not one! It's a beautiful piece of rugged Texas Hill Country - lots of oak and cedar trees, tame deer and springs and creeks. Very picturesque - and very hot in August at over 100.

We are a group of gals to LOVE to shop! Our favorite kind of shopping is at outdoor flea markets/antiques fairs. For three years we have been making a semi-annual pilgrimage to the miles of shopping in Roundtop and Warrenton, Texas. So for Sarah's b-day, we decided to head out to Wimberley for their famous Market Days.

Held on the first Saturday of the month for most of the year, the Market Days are a hodge podge of vendors. You'll find antiques and collectibles (nothing too fancy, though), handmade jewelry, soaps and candles, locally produced jams & salsas, western inspired gifts and a smattering of imported clothes and decor. Our favorites, OF COURSE, are the vintage items... see below for yummy yummy examples of some cool stuff that caught my eye.

I have to note the Lions Club of Wimberley - who makes the Market Days possible. It's touching to see (mostly elderly) men out in their bright yellow and blue on a HOT day in August, working concessions, parking lots, and shuttling people back and forth. The Lions Club is a charitable organization best known for their work with eye banks. All of the efforts of the Market Days support numerous community programs in Wimberley. Now I call that guilt free shopping!

First Up, A FABULOUS hand-pieced quilt in the Dresden Plate pattern.

A great pitcher in a design by Modern Living, I think 40s or 50s. Had no luck researching the pattern online.

Scary Dolls! And you thought all those hand-made monster plushie dolls were a new fad!!!

Handmade clay flowers by Judy Spencer

Lots of Shoppers - I was needing a rest, and it was only 10:30am!

A beautiful vintage light fixture that Sarah bought for her sister's birthday. Apparently, it was a steal at $42, because they're selling on ebay for hundreds!

***(the best part of shopping with girlfriends... "ohhh, I want that for my birthday - buy for me and I'll forget!!!")***

Gorgeously packaged handmade soaps by The Soap Lady of Victoria, Texas.

I found my plates!~ I have been searching for a vintage plate set to collect, and now I have it! It's the NORDIC pattern by Syracuse.

BLONDE Raggedy Ann and Andy? Who ever heard of such a thing? So '60s, and sooo cute!

A pristine vintage apron with violet flowers and heart shaped pockets. I would've bought it for my mom, but she has too much stuff!

And best for last... a sweet green sewing machine. German model, probably 40s or 50s, great condition... too bad I already own 4 sewing machines...!

If you plan to go down to Wimberley Market Days, I recommend staying at The Lodge at Cypress Falls. It's not fancy, but it was cozy and very affordable. The pool was nice and there's also a little cafe nearby and a swimming hole in Cypress Creek. I also suggest eating at The Leaning Pear - just a little bistro, but make reservations!!! Happy Shopping,

xo, Anne Marie

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