Monday, March 1, 2010

Maker Monday - CurlyQ Cuties

CurlyQ Cuties is a custom, design your own plush website based in Cedar Park, Texas.  I got a chance to meet the creator of CurlyQ Cuties - Stephanie Estrin, at a Babes in Biz meeting a few years ago.  She has a vibrant personality, and was excited about her freshly launched line of plush dolls available for sale on Etsy.

Fast forward two years - and CurlyQ Cuties is taking the web by storm!  So what is this website all about? When Stephanie first started, she was out to "create high quality imaginative toys", and kept getting requests for customized variations of her ready-made Monsters.  Enter the Custom Design CurlyQ Cuties website!

The desire for handmade, one-of-a-kind items continues to grow, as does the public's interest in small business success stories.  Companies like 1154lill pioneered the online custom order process, and have been followed by major corporations and small companies alike.  We are no longer satisfied with walking into a big box, and purchasing 1 of a million items that anyone else can have.

Did you know that CNN has been in Austin this past week filming a series on major US cities that have weathered the recession better than most? Central Texas is a hub of entreprenuerial spirit - and CurlyQ Cuties is a great example of the fusion between the high tech and handmade communities Austin is known for.   They were recently featured on the MSNBC TODAY Show, and have attracted over 15,000 followers to their Twitter account!

If you're a local handmade business owner looking for inspiration - we hope this sparks some ideas for you!  Better yet - tap into these Austin-based resources for growing your business.

xo, Anne Marie