Friday, May 2, 2008

*annemarie* launches Eco Chic Home Decor Line!

That's right, folks. Starting this week, my new line of Eco Chic Home Decor is available online. I am calling the line Eco Chic, and putting a spin on my tagline to be "Style for the Home."

Since 2002 I have been making bags out of vintage and recycled fabric. I just LOVE to use old fabric and give it a new life.

I recently decided to get rid of all paper napkins in my house, and use cloth ones instead. They feel so much better, and I can use them over and over again.

Now, you can replace all of your paper napkins with cloth ones too! They are sold in sets of four, and are reversible! Did I mention that they're made out of vintage fabric?

In addition to the napkins, I make coaster sets. The fabric coaster sets are cushy and absorbent - sure, the tile ones are cute, but they just leave pools of liquid lying around.

These sets of napkins and coasters are very limited edition - check back soon for more colors! Looking for a great Mother's Day Gift? How about some napkins!

Anne Marie


Ashlyn said...

Wow!! Your unique ideas will give a new style to home decor elements...