Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Treasure Tuesday: PlantEscape Gardens

So last year I wrote a blog about how to paint your own pots. I went a little overboard on painting pots and collecting planters - and in my first year of trying to have my own container garden - I now have 23 potted plants! (And most survived through the winter).

front porch

The key to keeping my plants alive has been starting with *great plants*! I like to shop locally in anyway I can, so I found a local plant shop in Austin, Texas.


The place? PlantEscape Gardens, 3507 S. 1st Street, Austin, Texas. Owned by mother and son Sandra Diaz and Adam Diaz, the little oasis on South First has a lot of plants in a tiny space.

newest flowering succulent

I run into Sandra every time I stop by. I tell her what I am looking for, and she walks me around the grounds and helps me pick out my plants. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and definitely earns her dues by working out in the heat so much.

new succulent

When you finish picking out your plants you get a chance to go inside the nicely chilled shop - they have a small art gallery and feature locally made soaps by So.A.P. (South Austin People!). I have been a fan of their products for several years, as I been a vendor at some of the same shows they do.

My Little Hippo

If you need help finding just the right plants, soil and fertilizers - I highly recommend PlantEscape Gardens. As summer approaches with high 90s and surely - well over 100s here in Austin, nothing is nicer than having some beautiful green plants to decorate your home or porch.

Keep it green - keep it local!
xo, Anne Marie