Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tasty Tuesday: Baubles & Queso!

Just the other day I was looking at my friend Diane Petkoff's website - she is the creator of Tasty Jewelry located here in Austin, Texas. She has a little bit of an attention span problem, just like me, so she has tons and tons of cute items for sale because she just can't sit still!

I recently redecorated my fridge - yes - I am serious. I got some new magnets and picture frames, and I wanted some more magnets to spice it up.

Well, lucky me, I ran into Diane today at Parts & Labour - and she had a HUGE tray of brand new magnets for the store. They are a STEAL at only $1 each, so I picked out several that I liked.

I got three owls, two leaf prints and one geometric print. Yippie Yippie Yay! She has her website set up in the most genius way so you can order all kinds of colors of any item from just one page.

So Diane had her friend Carolyn with her from Chicago, and we walked down to Guero's to have some Chili Con Queso, homemade corn tortillas and yummy salsa & pico de gallo. I LOVE Tex-Mex - and Guero's does the munchies well.

Guero's is also a place that really reflects the laid back and mixed up atmosphere of Austin. There were dressed up business people, street looking people, the artist type, families, a drag queen waiter - oh, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. Hmm... you seriously couldn't pay me to live anywhere but Austin!

Anne Marie