Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

Today started off a bit strange. Nothing in particular, just a bit of a sour mood lingering inside which made me a bit of a butt-head at work (sorry E.)

For those of you who don't know, I drive an '81 Buick Regal - she is a total big body hooptie all the way. Ms. Regal and I have had LOTS of adventures - she bears the scars to prove the tales I tell.
As I was driving home today, my car died on the Congress Avenue Bridge. Um, yeah. Fortunately it was 2:30 and there wasn't much traffic yet. Lots of very nice joggers and bikers offered their assistance (one was totally hot!), but I didn't think they looked like the help I needed. So I dialed my Dad and got the number to Harper's Towing. They are like my personal towing service. Ms. Regal has been lifted onto the back of one of their trucks many a time.

Sam, the Harper's Guy, showed up pretty quickly, and was nice enough to even let me stop in Parts & Labour on the way home. Today is payday at the awesome store where I sell - and I WANTED MY MONEY!

So the journey continues and I am blessed enough to borrow a car from my parents - an even BIGGER HOOPTIE - an '84 Suburban.

Later on this evening, returning from the gym - in not so warm workout clothes and flip flops - I get to my apartments and both entrances are blocked by fire trucks, cop cars and TV vans. OH SH*T - here we go again! In 6 years of living at my apartment, I have seen some crazy stuff - but there has never been a fire. I was able to park the suburban and walk to my apartment.

(Statesman coverage of fire)

The building just across my parking lot is half-burnt to the ground! Just above the laundry room and my mailbox. I was blessed also to have gotten my mail today (very important stuff in the mail, too!) and all my laundry is clean. Looks like God is watching over me today - through all the insanity I am very grateful that I am safe and sound.

xo, Anne Marie


allison said...

unbelievable!!! glad you are okay - love, allison