Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday - Never Forget

Whose voice is better known than Dr. King's? As the nation resounds in joy on Tuesday at the sound of our latest Orator of Note - Mr. Barack Obama - let us remember the struggles we have gone through to get where we are.

Looking backwards with an honest eye is the only way to see the future clearly. February is my favorite month of the year - it's Black History Month! If you have never taken the time to study Black History beyond the requisite readings of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and a few Langston Hughes poems - it is well worth it.

- my all time favorite station - airs some of the best programming during February. I am getting ready to settle in for some nights of learning, laughing and lifting up of the spirit.

We should never forget:

The Blood sown into our Soil
The Blood that binds us all as Children of the same God
The God who brought us through the Darkness
The Love that moved so many to Stand Strong
The Legacy of the Strong
The Goal of Equality
The Message of Hope
The Truth of Peace

May God Bless You during this Historic Week in American History! Pay homage to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow.

xo, Anne Marie

(Photos from Google Images. Painting by Ben Heine)