Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Treasure Tuesday: Ode to the Sun

Sometimes I write poetry... so today I am going to share one with you that I wrote last week

Ode to the Sun

Morning comes
You gently nudge me awake
Leaves dance in shadow across my window
As birds sing a song to praise the new day

Midday presses
A brutal strength in Summer
A welcome friend in Winter
Solid and shining
Hated and loved
Like the best of friends

Afternoon transforms
A sultry solar glow that pulsates with sensuous rhythms
Time to rest
And time for love

Evening descends
A fiery show of strength
Color blazes across the sky
A testament to the perfection of one day
And the promise of another

Nighttime Blankets
Warmth radiates, lingers, and evaporates
Your silver sister begins her dance
Leading a chorus of lovers into the river of night

by: Anne Marie Beard


allison said...

wow! love it!