Friday, October 19, 2007

Fashion Friday: Men's Clothing by Rural Rooster

Rural Rooster ClothingRural Rooster Clothing is an independent design label based in Austin, Texas and owned by J.J. Campbell. I found out about him a few years ago when I was looking for a designer to create custom t-shirts for my family. Working with J.J. on this project was a pleasure - he was professional and his design ideas were right on target.

J.J. is also a very talented graphic and web designer. Today I want to focus on his men's fashion. In just a few weeks - STITCH will take over downtown Austin for one's a huge shopping event featuring independent designers and is capped off with a fashion show. Men's fashion is not the majority of the work for sale - but J.J. represents some of the best that will be there!

Guitar Angel Shirt

This "Guitar Angel" shirt features an intricate design and an asymmetrical placement on crisp white dress shirt. Here in Austin a plain white shirt just won't do. For the fashion forward guy, you need something like this! It's very hip and masculine at the same time.

J.J. studied Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin (GO HORNS!), and "believes that studying and responding to the world around
you is necessary to create innovative art and communication.

Albatross Jacket

This "Albatross" Dress Jacket is sure to make a statement. Men look good in jackets - they really do - and I know I would be impressed with a man who left such a lasting impression as he walked away. The graphics put a fresh twist on a classic piece of clothing - and the birds remind me of a traditional crest.

If you need a fresh look for fall, check out J.J.'s website, and get yourself a shirt! In Austin? Come to STITCH on Saturday, November 10th, and bring lots of shopping money!

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