Monday, October 22, 2007

Maker Monday: The Glam of Glitzkrieg

Glitzkrieg Logo

She is glamorous, luxurious, gorgeous, sexy, and one of the most talented women I know. She is Leslie Bonnell, owner of Glitzkrieg - the Austin, Texas based line of handbags, jewelry and accessories. I first met Leslie in while I was studying Costume Design at the University of Texas at Austin. I had just landed my first professional design gig with Zachary Scott Theatre, and she was the Costume Shop manager.

Leslie has worked as a Costume Designer, Milliner, Jewelry Designer, and Chantuese for over two decades. She has won many awards for her designs, and her knowledge of design and construction techniques just blows me away. A few years ago, Leslie left her full time Costume Shop Manager role, and started her own business.

Glitzkrieg Booth Picture

She now teaches sewing, jewelry and design element classes in her studio in Austin, Texas. I have had the pleasure of watching Leslie grow into an even more fabulous artist - and participating in shows where we both had booths. Having her right across the aisle from me makes me nervous every year - and makes me want to step up my game and make the coolest stuff I can! The fact that she has purchased some of my handbags is one the best compliments I've received.

Glitzkrieg Earrings

This year, Leslie will be joining the fabulous line up of designers at STITCH - an indie fashion show and designer craft fair on November 10th. I can't wait to see all the new stuff she has been working on. These earrings are right up my alley - big, bold, and a fabulous mixture of materials. I think it's czech glass and vintage beads mixed together.

Glitzkrieg Purse

This glamorous purse features one of Leslie's signature handmade silk flowers as the main design element. She makes tons of these flowers as pins that can adorn anything you own!

I hear that Leslie has been taking silk screening classes, and she has some great pictures of new bags featuring her own designs, hand screened onto fabric. See more pictures of her work on Flickr.Glitzkrieg Silkscreened Bag

Leslie is really a master of her craft - and her background in Costume Design really shows in her work. Who else do you know that can create clothing from any time period from her own pattern, design jewelry, make handbags, teach classes, AND sing? If you're in Austin - be sure to check out her class schedule, and I will see you at STITCH on November 10th!