Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Treasure Tuesday: Husak Design Fine Jewelry

Many designers don't spend their lives saying, "I am going to design xyz." For the most part, they are creative from an early age, experiment in lots of materials and techniques, and end up discovering their calling along the way.

Husak Design Logo

This is certainly true of Courtney Husak, owner of Husak Design, a line of Fine Jewelry with a focus on Bridal Jewels. Courtney studied Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin. She embarked on a jewelry line when her sister needed stylish and affordable pieces for her wedding. After apprenticing with an Austin based Jewelry Company, Courtney founded Husak Design.

My personal twist - there is always one, you know! - I went to school with Courtney and her sister, and found out about her Jewelry line from a friend. I have since had the pleasure of doing a few shows with Courtney - and we are teaming up for another fabulous Holiday Shopping event in late November!

Faith Bracelet in BlueCourtney is my featured artist today in the lead up to Stitch - the awesome Indie Design Shopping event and Fashion Show in Austin, Texas on November 10th. There is no way anyone will be able to miss Courntey's booth - her display is always AMAZING, and her smile is so infectious that it will radiate across the entire Convention Center.

Gold & White Pendant NecklaceOne of my favorite pieces of jewelry is this necklace. It has this fabulous hammered metal pendant, and gorgeous white beads very elegantly graded by size. I get lots of compliments when I wear it, and it actually started my obsession with white clothing. I figured that I can wear white now that I am all grown up and don't spill on myself anymore (yeah right, that's what stain remover is for!)

Courtney has ALL KINDS of jewelry - I know her website already looks amazing, but I also know she will have a ton of new stuff at Stitch.

GiGi Earrings

These GiGi earrings are so elegant and bold in this color combination. The stones are Amethyst and Cape Amethyst in a chandelier setting.

Be sure to check out the Husak Design website, and come see us at Stitch on November 10th in Austin, Texas! Check out more of my jewelry collections on iTaggit!

blog by Anne Marie Beard