Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thrift Thursday: Glamorous Gold

It's funny how my taste fluctuates - just a few years ago, I thought anything gold was icky. I would not wear any gold jewelry, accessories, or tolerate any gold decor. The thing is, I was obsessed with it for awhile - my high school bedroom was "romantic" with lots of fancy gold frames or angels and cherubs and flowing white curtains - you know, the mid 90s look.

Now that gold has firmly re-established itself in fashion and home design - I am noticing how much I am in love with it - again! Except this time, it has a decidedly more "ethnic" vibe to it.

Gold Asian Lamp

A few weeks ago - the gals and I hit up the two week long massive antique shopping event in Round Top, Texas. The first morning out was very successful. My friend scored these two fabulous lamps for $35 - that's for the pair!!!

Gold Asian Lamp Detail

The detail shot shows just how cool the asian floral motif is. Her fiance is not so sure he loves them - be we all did!

Green & Gold Czech Glass Necklace

Today I am wearing my fabulous Green & Gold Czech Necklace. I love green anything, and these beads literally screamed at me from across the room at the bead store.

Green & Gold - detail

They were labeled as 1920s Czech Glass - for those of you who know Czech Glass - it is very collectible. I strung them together with gold jump rings, added an old earring as the pendant - and viola! Sexy vintage style - with GOLD.

And the quest for gold continues - today I got a pedicure - and had my toes painted gold... I just wonder what's next.

I love having my funky jewelry posted on iTaggit - I have so much, I can hardly remember it all - but iTaggit keeps my collections organized!

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