Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Bag Pictures!

I am notoriously slow at photographing my work... I take the pictures on my front porch on a cloudy day on a piece of paper - soooo professional! But hey, in the DIY world in which I live - you do what works!


So right now I am shoulder deep in sewing sewing sewing for this huge show - STITCH :) I went through some pictures I took this summer - which are new because they've never been posted anywhere.
Today I am featuring a new style called Casey.

For those of you who don't know, I have always named all of my bag styles after a friend or family member. Casey is a super fabulous gal I work with - she is stylish, very smart, and she rides a sweet bike!

The Casey bag by Anne Marie Beard

This is one of those bags that really speaks to what I am all about - it's super pretty, but very practical. The bag is very light, so you can load it up with stuff and your arm won't fall off. The bottom is made of vinyl - so it's easy to clean, and the feet make the coolest "click" sound when you set it down. (Or, as my grandmother calls them - legs!)

Come check me out at STITCH on November 10th - Casey will be there - the fabulous bags and
the fabulous gal!

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