Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Treasure Tuesday: Jewelry by Ornamental Things

If you haven't noticed - I am a bit obsessed with Jewelry - I mean OBSESSED! Everyday when I get dressed - I save the highlight of the morning for last - picking out what jewelry will go just perfectly with my outfit. (Matching my lipstick perfectly comes in as a close 2nd).

Handbag by Anne Marie Beard
In just under a month - a huge event will take over Austin, Texas - STITCH. It's a fabulous indie designer shopping event and Fashion show. I will be selling my handbags there, and am getting more pumped everyday. As the show approaches I am featuring many of my friends and colleagues who design fabulous jewelry, clothing, accessories and more.

White Pod Ring - Ornamental Things

Today it's all about Ornamental Things - a jewelry line by Austin designer Natalie Tischler. I have had the pleasure of knowing Natalie for several years - and each time we do a show together - I get to drool all over her booth at her new creations.

Most of us are putting our things up on iTaggit so we can manage our collections, show them off, and know their value. Value is not all about how much you paid for it or how much it will sell for. Value has a LOT to do with what an item means to you. Where jewelry is concerned - there is a story behind every single piece I own. Scarily, I have been carrying this knowledge in my head for years - iTaggit has allowed me to put each item out on display, and keep track of its story and value.

Pink & Brown Earrings by Ornamental Things

Take these earrings by Natalie - they are so gorgeous! In and of themselves they are worth a lot - but what makes them special to me is the story behind them. I was shopping in a local boutique with my Mom and her best friend - my "2nd mom." It was close to my birthday, and my "2nd mom" bought these earrings for me. It was a special night, and best of all, I know the jewelry designer.

Deco Necklace by Ornamental Things

Natalie is a true artist. She scours our great State of Texas for all kinds of vintage jewelry - and then reworks it into fabulous, of-the-moment and yet classic pieces. I can testify to the longevity of her work - as I still wear the pieces I got from her 5 years ago. She has styles that range from deco-influenced to 60s kitsch to just outright sexy. Check out her website, www.OrnamentalThings.com, and don't forget about STITCH!

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Natalie Tischler said...

Thanks girl, I can't wait to see all your great new purses at Stitch!